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North Eastern Railway Wagon Kits
E/001 Diag. B.1 2 Plank wagon   7.50
E/002 Diag. B.3 Plate wagon     7.50
E/004 Diag. C.8 Sleeper wagon     7.50
E/005 Diag. C.9 5 Plank wagon   7.50
E/006 Diag. C.11 Salt wagon   7.50
E/008 Diag. D.10 Double bolster wagon   8.00
E/010 Diag. E.18 Plate wagon with trestle   8.50
E/012 Diag. F.2 Insulated van   8.50
E/013 Diag. F.4 Ventilated van   8.50
E/016 Diag. G.2 Covered van, 12ft wheelbase   8.00
E/017 Diag. G.2 Covered van, 12ft wheelbase (fitted)   8.50
E/020 Diag. P.4 Hopper wagon   8.00
E/023 Diag.Q.1 Loco coal wagon   7.50
E/025 Diag. R5 Coke wagon     TBA
E/040 S&DR Platform truck     TBA
  Round End Wagon   TBA
  Cupboard door wagon   TBA

Wheels are available to suit all wagons in 00, EM & P4 gauges at 2.00 a set of two axles