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Locomotive Kits

Most of these were originally part of the Malcolm Mitchell range, now owned by Pete Waterman.
We produce these kits and are looking to introduce new models.

Locomotive Kits
  GWR 517 class 0-4-2 class tank kit   95
  GWR 44xx class small prairie tank kit 100
  GWR 'Grange' class 4-6-0 engine kit 100
  GWR 'Manor'class 4-6-0 locomotive kit 100
  GWR 45xx class 2-6-2 tank engine   100
  GWR 55xx class (sloping tank) engine   100
  GWR 43/53/63/73xx class 2-6-0 loco kit 100
  GWR 'Star' class 4-6-0 express locomotive kit 115
  GWR 'Castle' express locomotive kit   115
  GWR 'King' class express locomotive kit   130
Tender Kits
  GWR 3500 gallon tender kit (fully rivetted type)   35
  GWR 3500 gallon tender kit (flush rivet type)   35
  GWR 3500 gallon tender kit (intermediate rivetted type}   35
  GWR Collet standard 4000 gallon tender kit   35
Scenic Items & Accessories
  GWR Conical water tower kit (pillar type)   14.95
  GWR Standard water column kit   TBA
  GWR water tower decrative base frames (pack of 4) etched brass   TBA
  GWR standard gas/oil platform lamps (pack of 4) available in two heights: platform (short) and street (slightly taller)   TBA
  GWR train reporting number kit as fitted to front of smokebox in GWR&BR(W) eras, consisting etched frame & mounting bracket   TBA
  GWR speedometer drive (2 in each pack) etched in brass, fitted to most express engines   TBA
  BR Castle double chimney, finely cast in bronze   TBA
  BR Castle/King mechanical lubricator kit, cast in brass   TBA
  1 set Scale Crankpin Nuts, replaces Slaters and Harris items to give a really prototype look- even features the locking pin   TBA

We have also placed orders to have the following kits produced:
GWR 31xx class 2-6-2t. Churchwards large prairie
GWR 3150 class. The large boilered version of the 31xx.
GWR 3521 class 4-4-0. This kit is planned to cover several versions.
GWR 48xx 0-4-2t. This was commonly known as the 14xx later.

Part of the "JUST LIKE THE REAL THING" collection by Pete Waterman www.justliketherealthing.co.uk.