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Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Wagon Kits
M/001 Diag.11 Plank Wagon   7.50
  5 Plank Wagon   TBA
M/002 Diag.310t Covered Van   8.00
M/004 Diag.153 Plank Dropside   7.50
M/005 Diag.164 Plank Open     7.50
M/006 Diag.16A 5 Plank Open   7.50
M/010 Diag.19 Cattle Wagon   8.00
M/011 Diag.19 Cattle Wagon Fitted     8.50
M/013 Diag.32A Single Bolster   7.50
M/015 Diag.555 Plank Open Fruit     7.50
M/017 Diag.635 Plank Open-End Door   7.50
M/018 Diag.64 Butter Van   8.50
M/020 Diag.72 Fish Van   8.50
M/021 Diag.73 Covered Goods Van   8.00
Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Coach Kits
M/035 Diag.108 Horsebox     17.50
M/040 Diag.30 Bogie Brake Third     TBA
M/041 Diag.32 Bogie Composite     TBA
M/042 Diag.34 Bogie Third     TBA

Wheels are available to suit all wagons and coaches in 00, EM & P4 gauges at 2.00 a set of two axles.